We’re proud of our roots as an ethical and local agency and have invested significant time and resources into helping nonprofit organisations improve their web presence and IT systems. This is a goal we constantly strive for, as our company was borne out of a vision to improve the lives of people – especially those on the margins of society.

We’ve spent three years building our business from the bottom up. Over time we’ve realised the importance of doing business well. For us, this doesn’t just mean happy clients but also a happy planet and a happy local community. To read more about our principles, read on!

Our Values 101

Southmedia is an ethical digital agency. “Hang on a minute,” you begin. “In a world where it’s easy to throw terms like that around, what does ‘ethical’ even mean anymore?” For us, it means we don’t just measure our success by the size of our bank balance but by the happiness of our clients and the impact we make on the world around us. Here’s an overview of what this means in practice.

We foster strong relationships with our clients

Ethical web design means if our clients aren’t happy, we’re not happy. So we work hard to make sure our websites not only look slick and function well, but to also provide our clients high quality support and aftercare. We have a passion for working with clients that share in our vision of a better world (such as SixtyOne and Crisis Centre Ministries, along others), and enjoy promoting their work. Read more about our third sector experience here.

We’re concerned about the environment

It’s common sense, but we strive to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. We recycle where we can and generally minimise waste output from the office; we actively encourage eco-friendly (either renewably powered or carbon neutral) hosting for our clients; and we use suppliers with high environmental and/or ethical standards.

We want happy and healthy employees

We pay all our employees a suitable wage and encourage a relaxed working culture, allowing our employees to flourish whilst not affecting their work-life balance. We work a 35-hour office week, meaning that all-important Friday pub trip gets a look in. We actively search for talent as close to home as we can, and hope to offer apprenticeships and internships to local people in the future.