From when we first launched Southmedia, we had a specific idea of what sort of company we wanted to be. Southmedia began life as a social enterprise, located on the Southmead estate in Bristol, providing digital support to other social enterprises working on the estate and partially funding this through our commercial work.

In 2017 Southmedia re-located to the Union St co-working space in Sheffield. Over the last two years we have continued to explore how to be a socially conscious organisation in a different context – having a strong co-operative ethos, promoting social good and minimising our environmental impact.


We focus our energy on the technical development of a project and making sure that we deliver on time and to the required standard. To complement our skills, we have strong, established relationships with a variety of graphic designers, developers, copy writers and marketers who we manage centrally, so you only have one point of contact.

Social Good

The world around us needs more ‘social good’, and so we try to make a positive impact on the world around us.

We’re flexible with our rates so that we can accommodate charities and social enterprises, and from 2019 we will be using some of our surplus to contribute to causes that we care about.

We don’t buy from companies who have a reputation for poor working environments and we use open source technology and privacy-conscious analytics wherever possible.

Making the web open and accessible to all is important to us, so, for example, we spend time ensuring our websites work well for people who have a visual disability.


We’ve only got one world – and we’re using a lot of its fuel to maintain our technology. Southmedia is based in an office space which uses carbon-neutral electricity, and all of our hosting is on carbon-neutral or carbon-positive servers.