Appetite, aesthetics and applied knowledge: the making of Food & Drink Guides’ new website

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Appetite, aesthetics and applied knowledge: the making of Food & Drink Guides’ new website

Southmedia loves working with innovative, creative and sensational companies to make awesome websites, and our recent stint with Food and Drink Guides was certainly a feast for the senses.  After weeks of salivating over their gorgeous graphics and dreaming of trying out the 10,000+ listed eateries, we’re pleased to announce the re-launch of their website and app just before Christmas.

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We had a fun time in the office this morning trying to translate the information for this blog between the developers’ “Geek Speak” and something which I the “marketing girl” (and the rest of the world) could understand.  I’ve put the dialogue, and translation, below:


Geek speak: We took the previous site built in custom code and rebuilt it on Drupal 7, providing a more usable CMS

Translation: They converted the old website from complicated custom code to a more standardised platform of code called Drupal, providing a much more usable log in system for the Food & Drink team to work with (and more accessible/well-organised code, if they wanted to delve into the actual code the site is made up of).


F&D began blog

Geek speak: We improved the responsiveness of the website, the UX and the interaction design.

Translation: They improved how the site looked and felt to use, and made the site more mobile-friendly, so that it adjusts to different types of screen better.



Geek Speak: We boosted the site’s SEO to yield immediate results

Translation: They made some clever adjustments to help the website show up better on search engines like Google, which has resulted in an amazing boost of 40% more traffic to the website in the two weeks since its re-launch.

FotorCreated SM office


Geek speak: Our back-end developers did a fair amount of work creating a taxonomy to normalise the addresses and locations based upon post code and longitude/latitude co-ordinates

Translation: The guys who do the heavy coding that no average Joe would ever see or understand spent time finding clever methods of categorising data to improve the location search for the eateries listed on the Food & Drink website.



Essentially, we’ve come out of the whole experience feeling very satisfied at creating a website which flows well and looks fantastic.  Another reminder of why we love what we do; complex, challenging projects with friendly and inspiring clients.

Watch this space for more web innovation and fantastic foodie services from the gastronomical heroes that are Food & Drink Guides…


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